We couldn't retail organic produce & products if it weren't for the dedicated folks working to grow & produce organically.


Our Vegetable Growers; Untamed Earth

Creating an exceptional variety of organic vegetables.

This team of enthusiastic growers have consistently provided fresh, quality produce and good jobs on their farm in Canterbury. 

See their epic story HERE

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Our Garlic Grower

Piko was warmly invited to check out our main organic garlic supplier near the Hurunui River in North Canterbury.

Chas, from Shiny Shovel, has been a stable and consistent supplier to Piko Wholefoods for many years.

It was clear that Chas manages and nurtures his garlic using traditional and genuine organic farming practises.The whole farm is meticulously tidy and well organised.

It is back breaking work, typical of any farm labour, and makes garlic growing a tough job. We appreciate all our customers who have supported us to support local organic growers over the years.

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Shiny Shovel has developed an interesting weeding method where they use a tool to dig up the weeds surrounding the garlic. This keeps the weeds in check, as well as feeding the garlic with nutrients from the decomposing weeds.

They grow the garlic similarly to potatoes, in mounds. The mounds catch the low winter sun and keep the bulbs warm in the winter, and the use of mounding keep the bulbs growing big and strong.

Chas has kindly supplied us with a recipe for broad bean milk and vegetarian bacon produced from the broad bean residue.

Broad Bean Milk Recipe

Soak the dried broad beans in water, at least 24 hours,until plump and fat.
Water may need to be changed and the beans rinsed during this time (especially in summer when the sprouting process is faster).
Sprout beans until the sprouts are 3 or 4 cm long.
Put broad bean sprouts through a juice extractor to obtain the “bean cream” concentrate.
Pour some boiling water onto the bean cream and stir.
Guess the amount of water needed to your preference.
Stir in some sweetener to taste as it cools down.
Store in the fridge and stir before using. Use within 3 days.

Broad bean vegan bacon pieces:

Remove broad bean residue from the juice extractor.
Lightly fry in olive oil to obtain the bacon pieces.
Serve warm.


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