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OPEN: Monday to Friday 9 - 6.30pm & Saturday 9 - 5pm

  • low-profit charitable trust

    low-profit charitable trust

    We support the local community
  • Organic & Wholefoods Store

    Organic & Wholefoods Store

    We love Bulk Food & Sustainable Packaging
  • Christchurch Organic Shop

    Christchurch Organic Shop

    We are committed to local produce & goods first
  • Fill your own on tap

    Fill your own on tap

    B.Y.O. containers or collecting CLEAN and USABLE containers for customers use
  • Workers Co-operative

    Workers Co-operative

    We share the day-to-day responsibilities
  • established in 1979

    established in 1979

    Organic & Wholefoods Store Christchurch
  • Christchurch’s first BioGro Certified Organic Retail Store

    Christchurch’s first BioGro Certified Organic Retail Store

    Vegetarian shop specialising in gluten free foods


“Essentials” delivery service only for Level 4 & 3 Covid-19 lockdown

Orders must be emailed by Monday 7am to go out that week.

Opening hours for Level 3:
Wednesday to Saturday
9am till 5pm

Phone Shop: 03 366 8116
Phone Office: 03 389 5062

Prices are a guide only. Price and availability is subject to change without notice. Please call on 03 3668116 if you are looking for a specific item.

Al-Rabih Pomegranate Molasses 300ml $   11.80
Big Tree Farms Coconut Nectar Amber 326g $   13.90
Black Doris Spiced Plum Jam 200g $     8.30
Ceres Coconut Nectar Syrup 400g $   12.50
Chantal Rice Syrup 500g $     7.05
Chantal Rice Syrup 900g $     9.35
Chantal Jam Pear and Feijoa Organic 245g $     7.63
Chantal Marmalade Citrus Orgainc 245g $     7.63
Equagold Pomegranate Molasses 250ml $     9.70
Granta Pomegranate Molasses 250ml $     7.70
Hakanoa Ginger Syrup 330ml $   14.85
Hakanoa Golden Turmeric Latte 330ml $   14.85
Hakanoa Sugar Free Chai Syrup 330ml $   14.85
Nirwana Stevia - Liquid 30ml $   17.40
Nirwana Stevia Tablets 100s $   19.80
Nirwana Xylitol 1kg $   48.20
NuNaturals Stevia 28g $   22.95
NuNaturals Stevia Alcohol Free 59ml $   24.00
Pigeon Bay Preserves Ginger Lime Marmalade 250g $   12.42
SpringTree Maple Syrup Grade A 370ml $   24.70
SweetLife Xylitol 500g $   27.50
Trade Aid Cane Sugar 1.5kg $     8.50
Trade Aid Molasses Organic 500g $     7.45
Trade Aid Muscovado Sugar 400g $     4.70
Whole Harry Maple Syrup A 250ml $   14.80
Whole Harry Maple Syrup A 946ml $   46.60
Wholesome Brown Sugar Dark 681g $   11.70
Wholesome Molasses 472ml $   13.44
Wholesome Molasses 944ml $   17.70
Wholesome Raw Blue Agave 666g $   17.10
Wholesome Stevia 35 pkts $   10.74
Zenian Coconut Nectar Syrup 250ml $   10.15
fruit & vegetables
Our fruit & vegetables are
if not available we may stock uncertified organic

fruit & vegetables

Piko Kitchen
Nourishing fresh foods made here

Piko Kitchen

Workers Co-operative
People before profit
Environment before Convenience
Quality before Quantity

Workers Co-operative

Organic Shop in Christchurch

Piko Wholefoods is a low profit organisation set up in 1979. Piko is a vegetarian shop, and in 2014 became Christchurch’s first BioGro Certified Organic Retail Store.

Environmental Awareness

Piko aims to promote organics and to support a healthy, sustainable future for our communities. Many of our goods are sold in bulk, not only to reduce cost, but to encourage reusing containers.

Social responsibility

Piko is a workers co-operative and charitable trust. Our low profit policy ensures the mark-up on organic and wholefoods are at a minimum. We are committed to supporting local produce as well as certified Fairtrade products.

Contact us

Phone: 03 366 8116
Phone Office: 03 389 5062

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  • People before profit
  • Environment before Convenience
  • Quality before Quantity