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Sushi Nori Rolls

1 sheet of nori
255g(11/2 cups cooked brown or white rice allowed to cool slightly)
1/ tbsp umeboshi paste
Strips of carrot 1/4-/2 inch thick and wide boiled for a minute with a pinch of sea salt.

Cook rice, allow them to cool slightly.
Boil carrot for a minute with a pinch of sea salt.
Toast the sheet of nori by holding it horizontally 10 inches above a flame and rotating it for a few seconds until the colour changes to bright green. Place the toasted sheet on a bamboo sushi mat with the stripping of the mat running from left to right.
Spread the cooked rice evenly on the nori leaving a clear 1/2 inch at the top and bottom. From the bottom start rolling up the sushi mat around the ingredients pressing it firmly onto the nori. Whilst rolling slowly pull the leading edge of the mat back so it does not roll into the sushi. Continue rolling until the uncovered end of the nori is reached then wet this edge and complete rolling to seal the sushi. A final gentle squeeze of the mat around the sushi will ensure a tight roll.
To prevent the sushi drying out, cut just before serving with a sharp knife into 6 or 8 pieces.

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