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Ginger Beer

to start the bug

preserving jar
warm water
Add 2 tsp of active yeast,
2 tsp of raw sugar
2 tsp of ground ginger

Fill a preserving jar ¾ full with warm water. Add yeast , sugar and ginger.
Keep the jar sitting on the kitchen bench

feed it every day with

1 tsp raw sugar and
1 tsp ground ginger

after one week

3 cups of raw sugar
2 tsp cream of tartar
1liter of boiling water and 5 liters of cold water.
juice of 2 lemons (through a strainer)

In a large bowl, put sugar and cream of tartar, then add boiling water first, cold water next. Add lemon juice.
The jar of bug will have sludge in the bottom and liquid on the top – pour the liquid part into the bowl. Stir and pour into 5 well rinsed cola or pet bottles – makes 5. Write the date on the lid and wait two weeks before drinking. Open carefully especially if the bottle is hard.

With the leftover bug in the preserving jar, fill the jar with water and throw half away of give to a friend. Fill back up to ¾ full and start feeding again ...

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