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Piko Wholefoods is committed to:

  • A community focus, e.g. donating to health related organizations
  • Providing a satisfying, consensus-based work environment
  • Local produce and goods first, to reduce both the financial and environmental costs of transportation, and to support New Zealand products
  • Fairtrade; knowing the politics of where and from whom the product has come, e.g. fair wages versus multinationals etc.
  • Awareness of the environmental impact of grocery shopping and providing bulk to reduce cost e.g. on tap, open sack
  • B.Y.O. containers or collecting CLEAN and USABLE containers and bags for customers use
  • Quality WHOLEFOODS versus processed food or supplements
  • Providing food for people with allergies eg. Gluten free, dairy free, sugar free
  • Information for consumers
  • Organic and G.E. FREE food

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