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Bread - October 2000

"The 'Great Grain Spirit' is symbolized by a warm, fragrant loaf of bread. Hot from the oven, fresh bread baked with care has the mysterious power of bringing warmth and togetherness into a home and to special occasions. The breaking of bread together is a ritual practised by many cultures to symbolize their willingness to share what one has with others."
(Healing with Wholefoods, Paul Pitchford pg 449, 1993)

Welcome to the October 2000 newsletter. This month we look at one of our main staples – bread. We will cover what we stock here at Piko and what we have available to assist you in baking your own loaves at home.

The following symbols will be used:
YF = YEAST FREE (instead of using Active Dried Yeast the baker uses sourdough or backferment, the more traditional method for rising which many people on yeast-free diets can tolerate)

The breads we stock at Piko – all organic

"the breadman"
Steffan is located in Christchurch and specialises in German style sourdough and backferment breads.
His bread is delivered on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and we stock the following:
100%Rye 1kg and 600g WF YF
Plain 1kg YF
Sunflower 1kg and 600g YF
Linseed 1kg and 600g YF
Four Seed 1kg and 600g YF
Mountain Rye 750g and 600g WF YF
Dinkel 600g YF
Hazel/Walnut 750g and 600g YF
Atlantis 600g YF
Rye Caraway 600g WF YF
Crackers – Mixed YF, Herb YF, Pumpkin WF YF,
Gluten Free WF GF YF, Frisbees YF
Snacks – Cinnamon Wheels YF

"the bread co."
Rachel Scott's Amberley bakery produces artisinal hand-moulded pain au levain using the highest quality unadulterated ingredients. Her bread is delivered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday by 10am and we stock the following:
Pain au levain 750g YF
Pain aux noix 350g (walnut bread)

Purebread of Paraparaumu uses traditional methods of double rising then baked in a gas-fired oven. This bread arrives on a Tuesday morning and we stock the following:
Purebread Original 1kg and 700g
Full 'o' Grain 600g
Rye and Rice 600g WF
Raisin Loaf 600g

"sunroom café bread
Paula runs her own organic café in Opawa and delivers this delicious bread straight from the oven on Mondays and Fridays, guaranteed by 4pm. Made from organic wholewheat flour, yeast, honey,salt and water.

The Dovedale bakery of Motueka provides us with a variety of breads including gluten free. It arrives every Wednesday and Friday mornings and we stock the following:
Rice Bread WF GF YF
Fruit and Rice WF GF YF
Rye/Linseed WF YF
Home Bread YF
Fruit Buns
Fruit Bread YF
Corn Bread YF

"essene bread"
Essene bread is made from sprouted wheat and is a nutritious bread which can be kept in the fridge for up to 2 weeks and freezes well. (see April 2000 for more detail on Essene Bread). It arrives every second Thursday (please ask for actual dates) and must be ordered the previous Friday. We stock the following:
Rye Essene Loaf WF YF
Wheat Essene Loaf YF
Rye Essene Buns WF YF
Wheat Essene Buns YF

Baking your own bread at home According to Paul Pitchford, it is best to  Make bread in the morning (yang or expanding time) and bake bread at night (yin or contracting time).
Make on warm sunny days (rises better).
Make when you feel vital and happy.

Different flours we stock at Piko:
(also see Piko Guide to Food Intolerances)
Barley flour (WF): Makes a sticky bread, can be combined 50-50 with whole-wheat flour for lightness.
Brown Rice flour (WF, GF): Yields a sweeter and smoother bread, blends well with other flours. Use flour 20% in combination.
Buckwheat flour (WF, GF): Makes a good winter bread, dark and heavy. Use in combination with wheat and rice flours.
Corn meal flour (WF, GF): Gives a good, light bread: good combined with small amounts of other flours.
Millet flour (WF, GF): Always combine with other flours, especially whole-wheat (1/3 millet to 2/3 whole-wheat).
Rye flour (WF): Makes a sticky bread: can be combined 50-50 with rice or whole-wheat flour for a lighter bread.
Soy flour (WF, GF): Add small amounts to other flours for a more smooth and moist texture.
Spelt (Dinkel) flour: Can be substituted 100% for wheat in bread recipes; usually well tolerated by those allergic to wheat. Does contain a gluten molecule but is different to that found in wheat.
Whole-wheat flour: Made from hard red wheat; high in gluten; use alone or in combinations with other flours.

Other products we stock for bread making:
Guar gum (GF)
Active Dried Yeast (kept in fridge)
Baking powder (GF)


At Piko we are often asked by customers if we have recipes for baking bread. Here are a few we have gathered for you.

Tineke's breadmaker recipe

In this order into your breadmaker put:
1 heaped tsp active dried yeast
tiny pinch of Vitamin C powder (can get from the Herb Centre)
1 tbsp raw sugar
4 cups organic white flour
1 tbsp butter or oil
1 tsp salt
1½ cups of luke-warm water (slightly more for wholewheat flour)
Put on long setting (3 ½ hours).

Gluten free, Wheat free, Dairy free, Sugar free bread

(from our Piko Guide to Food Intolerances, available for $1.00).

Grind ½ cup pumpkin seeds and ¼ cup walnuts. Add this to 1 cup buckwheat flour, 1 cup potato flour and 3 tsp baking powder. Blend together two bananas, 1/3 cup olive oil, and ¼ tsp Vitamin C powder (optional). Bring ¾ cup of water and 2 tbsp linseed to the boil, add to the banana mix. Add this to the flour and nuts. Mix and put in a lined loaf tin and bake for 35 mins at 180 C.

Gluten-Free Bread Mix

(store in an airtight container)(Simple Truelife Recipes, pg 27, 1998 – we sell for $12.72)
3 c buckwheat flour
3 c rice flour
3 c chickpea flour
1 ½ c soy flour
2 T salt

Gluten-Free Bread

(Simple Truelife Recipes, pg 28, 1998)
Mix in a bowl:
3 ¼ c gluten-free bread mix
1 T active baking yeast (or baking powder – use cold water instead)
2-2 ½ c very warm water (until its barely thin enough to beat the lumps out).

Pour into a greased bread loaf tin. Let rise 10-15 mins. Bake in a preheated oven at 150 C for 40-50 mins. Let stand for 5 mins. Tip out and cool on rack.
Slice. May be frozen. Best toasted.

Sourdough Starter

(Healing with Wholefoods, Paul Pitchford, pg 452, 1993)

1 c water
1 c whole-wheat flour

In a sterilized jar and with a sterilized spoon, mix flour and water together. Cover with a cotton cloth. Live airborne yeasts will begin to turn it sour. Stir daily with a sterilized spoon for uniform fermentation. After 3 days your starter will be ready. Loosely cover with lid and store in a cool place. To replenish: always leave a small amount of starter in jar. Replace with more flour and water. Stir well and store.

Sourdough Bread

(Healing with Wholefoods, Paul Pitchford, pg 453, 1993)

14 c whole-wheat flour
5 c water
1 ½ tsp sea salt
1 c sourdough starter

Mix 7 cups flour with water, salt and starter. Add remaining flour slowly until dough becomes too thick to stir. Knead gently until smooth, uniform, and elastic. Cover and let rise 2 hours in non-metal bowl.
Replenish starter. Knead dough again. Shape into 3 or 4 loaves. Cut shallow slits in top to keep from cracking. Place in oiled and floured bread pans.
Cover. Let rise 4-6 hours. Place in a cold oven with a pan of plain water on oven floor. Bake at 425 F for 15 mins. Lower heat to 350 F. Continue cooking until golden, about 45 mins. Remove from pans to cool. Yields 3-4 loaves.

Enjoy trying out these recipes or trying what we have in stock.

What's new at Piko!!!!!!!!!!!!
Organic apple and strawberry conserve $5.75, 300g
Organic Corn thins $3.68
The Bread Co. Walnut Bread (Pain aux noix)
Organic Preserved Asparagus Spears $4.92
Loads of new breakfast cereals for kids to enjoy!!!!
GF – "Amazon Frosted Flakes" and "Gorilla Munch"!!

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