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Keep it SIMPLE! Here's some SIMPLE REMEDIES for some of those simple yet annoying things...

Do SANDFLIES tend to bother you more than others? It is true! Biting insects are naturally attracted to some individuals more than others. If you are planning to visit a destination known for "sandies", try adding more vitamin B1 to your diet for at least a full week before you go and for the time whilst there. This vitamin causes one to emit an odour to which sandflies are not so attracted.
Try adding 1-2 heaped teaspoons of BREWER'S YEAST to your diet. Brewer's yeast is an excellent source of multiple B vitamins, and economical.
Suggestions of how to adapt brewer's yeast to your diet include: blend with porridge, casseroles, stir-fries, rice, potatoes, or yoghurt; or it works well within a spread (e.g. vege spread or tahini) atop toast. Some make a paste with warm water, and then add it to juice. Brewer's yeast is also a way to help pets deter fleas. (It must be similar reasoning). Add 1 teaspoon to oil or atop food for your pet. They love it (and you'll find it is a common ingredient in many pet foods- it's loaded with nutrients).
Back to sandflies...Tui Bug Balme is a citronella based product that is a decent distracter, not 100% but it definitely helps!

Need some help halting DIARRHEA? *
Here's an old trick our grandmothers know...STEWED APPLE. It works like "blotting paper" in the bowels due to the pectins of the apple. The apple must be stewed to work. (Cut apples into pieces, simmer in small amount of water until soft. ~15min). Add cinnamon to aid digestion and taste. Apple also helps stimulate one's appetite. So if the sick person doesn't feel like eating, one will be amazed how easily this goes down and how great it tastes. (Better stew
two apples, he or she might want more after eating the first)!
Another trick is CAROB. It also contains ample pectins to act as "blotting paper" and halt diarrhea. Add 1-2 teaspoons carob powder to boiling water. This makes a nice drink (whether you have diarrhea or not). Carob is naturally
sweet and nice alone, but if necessary add a little honey to aid flavour. It's also good added atop the stewed apple as mentioned above-double the power! The carob will also provide some nutrients, including protein. Good to have carob powder in the cupboard for those emergencies outside apple season or when there are no apples in the house!
*(We must advise you to see a doctor or health practitioner for persistent diarrhea).

Is CONSTIPATION a bother for you?
If this is a frequent problem, it may imply that one does not have enough fibre or "bulk" in the diet. Excellent fibres that provide a natural and gentle laxative action are GROUND LINSEED (or flaxseed) or PSYLLIUM HULLS (or husks), and of course, fruit and vegetables. Add 1 TBSP ground linseed or 2 teaspoons psyllium hulls to porridge, cereal, spreads (such as tahini), yoghurt or within casserole type foods. Linseed is best freshly ground (a coffee grinder works well) or soaked overnight, because the seed coat must be broken to get the goodies from it. Some may find linseed too laxative in action. If so, then try psyllium hulls, which are easier to assimilate, and therefore more gentle to the system.
The daily addition of one tablespoon FLAXSEED OIL to the diet may help people stay regular, in addition to the added benefits of essential fatty acids.
OF EXTREME IMPORTANCE for BOTH DIARRHEA & CONSTIPATION is to DRINK WATER! This cannot be reiterated enough. In fact, it may be all you need for constipation. Give the stool the power to bulk and therefore move!
Carry a water bottle with you so that you may monitor your water consumption and remind yourself to drink throughout the day.

Are you prone to MOUTH ULCERS and/or CANKER SORES?
Apply vege spread (vegemite/marmite type spread) directly to sore. This promotes particular enzymes to aid the healing of the sores. Additionally, it is a sign that one is run down and/or stressed and requires B vitamins. B vitamins are an essential component of energy production within the body, and therefore we fly through them during those times of extra stress!
Add 1-2 heaped teaspoon daily of brewer's yeast to the diet and the problem should diminish. (Plus it will help suppress sugar cravings).

CRACKED CORNERS OF THE LIPS that just won't heal is a sign that one is lacking riboflavin or vitamin B2. If showing a sign of lacking one B vitamin, you're probably lacking the other B vitamins as well. You'll be amazed how quickly it heals by adding, yet again, 1-2 heaped teaspoons brewer's yeast daily to the diet.
DRY LIPS can be a indication of simply needing more water. It could also indicate a lack of B vitamins (brewer's yeast again) or essential fatty acids (add 1 TBSP flax seed oil to your daily diet).
To help soothe them in the meantime, apply Tui  Bee Balme or almond oil to your chapped lips. is SORE THROAT season again.
At the onset of a sore throat, gargle two-three times a day with unsweetened pineapple juice. (The tinned organic pineapple is prepared with unsweetened juice). The pineapple causes the tonsils to emit natural anti-bacterial enzymes
aiding the prevention of further infection.
Another trick is to gargle with salt water two-three times per day with (add 1-2 TBSP salt to 1/2 cup warm water). This helps soothe the throat and drain any fluid that may be developing within the tonsils.

Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits of SIMPLE information, keep this one in a handy place for reference....good luck!

Some PIKO notes

You may notice a few new faces around here as Piko is facing some major changes with staffing.
Thanks for your patience as we get Sara, Aiyana and Brian up to speed. Lyn is giving more time to her kids, Claire is off to France, Nadine is giving more time to her herbal medicine studies, and Sabine is off to Germany for three months. We wish them all the best and they'll definitely be missed around here!

What's new on the shelves?

  • Dr. Bronner's "All-One Hemp Rose Pure Castile Soap"-divine smelling...$4.81
  • A whole shelf of incredible chutney blendsin the groceries section (by apples), including new ones made by Hohepa and Sage Preserves. Our favourite is the Lime and Green Chilli! Mmmm.....
  • Goat's Milk Yoghurt is available again!
  • Whymor Orchard's fresh squeezed apple juice-$4.61/2 litre....divine stuff!
  • Coronilla Gluten Free Spaghetti & Fusilli made with organic rice and quinoa flours-$3.63

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