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Bach Flowers – July 2007


We have recently said goodbye to two valued staff members.
Petrina who was with us for two and a half years, has gone on to new and wonderful things but we see her around Piko, as she has a great therapeutic massage practice upstairs from us.
Penny, a relatively new arrival has left for Australia, her homeland was calling her back.
Our newest additions are Justin, from California, he has been in New Zealand for 3 months and teaches composting and spends his spare time developing teleportation concepts.
Rachel is from Taranaki and has been in Christchurch for 6 months. She was hungry for good food and luckily stumbled across Piko where, due to the heavy sack lifting she has decided to take up bodybuilding.
Richard, a Christchurch lad, has been exploring Aotearoa in his van the last wee while and is also a musician playing in local bands. In his spare time he bends spoons with his mind.
They're a great bunch and fit in fabulously.

Bach Flowers

Dr Edward Bach said, "Take no notice of the disease, think only of the outlook on life of the one in distress."
Dr Bach discovered 38 remedies, each for a specific emotional and mental state plus a combination of five remedies designed for difficult and demanding situations, which he called Rescue Remedy.
37 of the 38 are from wildflowers and tree blossoms, the exception, Rock Water, is made from the water of a healing spring.
The effect of taking the remedies is to transform negative attitudes into positive ones to allow for healing.
Dr Bach divided the remedies into seven groups representing fundamental conflicts, which prevent us being true to ourselves, the groups are:

  • Fear
  • Uncertainty
  • Insufficient interest in present circumstances
  • Loneliness
  • Over-sensitivity to influences and ideas
  • Despondency or despair
  • Over-care for the welfare of others

The remedies can be further divided within these groups to ensure you get the remedy most suited to your needs at the time.
The remedies have no adverse side effects; they are not used directly for physical complaints but for the person's worry, apprehension or hopelessness.
You may be prescribed a remedy from your health practitioner or you can find Dr Bach's books at the library, we also have booklets in store describing the remedies and conditions.
We can make up specific remedies for you at $8.50 for a dropper bottle and $9.60 for a spray bottle.
Please note: Piko staff are unable to prescribe you remedies. Please seek advice from a trained practitioner.

Peanut Butter

Piko have been making our own peanut butter for some years. Often peanut butter has additives including sugar, salt, oil or preservatives. Ours has no additives, what you see is what you get, roasted peanuts and a little bit of piko love. It is made fresh on site and is delicious. We now offer two types, blanched (more mild) or with skin (stronger). Both available in crunchy or smooth.
We have changed the types of containers we have used over the years trying to find a perfect solution. We have now opted to go back to glass jars, as we feel they are environmentally our best choice being re-fillable, re-useable and re-cyclable. They are available in two sizes, generally the amounts are around 300g for the small and 1kg for the large, but as we hand fill the jars the amounts will vary, as does the price.
All jars returned for re-filling will receive a discount of 50c for small and $1 for large, this amount will be taken off upon making the next batch of peanut butter. It is made fortnightly on a Tuesday afternoon, check with the staff when the next batch will be made.
If you would like to re-fill your jar please bring it in clean (we will then sterilize it). We will need your details written on a piece of paper and sellotaped to the jar lid. Your details should include, your name, phone number and type of peanut butter you prefer, blanched or with skin, crunchy or smooth and the size of your jar i.e. small or large.
Warning: Piko peanut butter can be addictive, Piko do not take any responsibility for any addictions to their peanut butter.

Lyttelton Shop

There have been a few whisperings suggesting that Piko may be opening a branch in Lyttelton. Well my friends it's true, we are. At last after 25 years Piko is finally expanding. This is fabulous news as it means the organic industry is growing.
The shop, called Lyttel Piko (cute) will be located at 12 London Street, between Sachmo's and the bookshop. Brian (the lovely American who worked at Big Piko for a while) will be managing the branch. We hope to have much of the same stock as Big Piko but on a smaller scale. We appreciate your support in this venture and are open to comments, suggestions and lots of good positive energy put into the Lyttelton shop being successful.
We hope to open at the end of July (dependant on builders). Watch for our next newsletter for more news on the new shop. We are all very excited.

Quiz Night

The Vegetarian Society is holding their first quiz night. It is guaranteed to be a great evening filled with laughs and friendly competition. The price includes supper and great prizes. BYO drinks (alcohol free) and snacks (85% chocolate from piko will boost brain power!).
Date: 20th July, 7.30pm
Venue: Paparoa Street School, 120 Paparoa St.
Cost: $10 per ticket
Tickets available at Piko now, numbers are limited so be in quick. Get together a team (maximum 6) or come by yourself and join a team.
The Vegetarian Society has a weekly email list and sends free notices of interest to vegetarians and vegans in Christchurch including accommodation, events, groups etc. To join the list email

To submit a notice email

Re-cycling at Piko

We have 20 litre Tahini buckets and 200 litre plastic drums (good for water collection) and also sacks that we often need to find new homes for. If you are able to put them to use please ask a staff member. Please note that they may be dirty but are washable. We appreciate all customers who bring in re-usable jars and containers, just a reminder to bring them in clean and ask a staff member before adding them to the box.


As Piko is conscious and concerned about the environment we would love to see the end of plastic bags throughout New Zealand. There are already parts of New Zealand and many other countries and states adopting plastic bag free zones as demonstrated in Golden Bay and Ireland. To help us support this necessary change for the future of our planet and to help New Zealand continue to further our clean green image we would like to invite you to bring your own re-usable bags. They are strong, sturdy, light and washable and are available at Piko and many other outlets. It is an easy and eco friendly habit that everybody is able to do. Keep some in your car or in your day bag and they are ready to use for any shopping excursion. Isn't it wonderful to know that by doing this you are contributing to our environments well being.

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