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Piko Wholefoods Co-operative

Piko Wholefoods is a Workers Co-operative that is governed by the employees of the business. By operating as a Workers Co-operative, Piko offers an empowering environment, with flexible working hours, and where the employees take responsibility to efficiently run the shop. This allows all workers an excellent opportunity to establish skills in many sectors of the business. As a Workers Co-operative, all members are able to combine their experiences, interests and skills to help make decisions and accomplish goals.

Piko prides itself on providing a different approach to the boss-worker relationship. We are all motivated to do our best and work together because in doing so the business thrives. We all see what needs to be done and we solve what needs to be solved in collaborative and creative ways. We have many minds working together that can see the everyday work. This helps to provide a harmonious and satisfying work environment that evolves over time and is infinitely adaptable.

Monthly meetings are important for us as a Co-operative. This is where we come together to discuss matters related to the business such as improvements we can make and progress tracking. A smaller group of Co-operative members are also trustees of Te Whanau Trust. Te Whanau Trust is a charitable trust that owns Piko Wholefoods. The trustees help to oversee Piko Wholefoods and are able to make final decisions about important matters such as finance, insurance, regulations etc.

Piko prides itself in being a low-profit charitable trust. We give our profits to registered charities and various groups in the community. Making donations, connecting with the community, providing healthy organic wholefoods, as well as continually reducing our ecological footprint; helps us to enhance environmental wellbeing in our community. These are our Co-operative values!

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