Piko Wholefoods Charitable Trust

As a low-profit charitable trust, a chunk of our profits are dished out to various groups within our wide community!

Piko Wholefoods makes donations every year to community groups and registered charities that align with our sustainability and health ethos. We are a non-profit, workers co-operative who takes social and environmental responsibility seriously. 

In the last couple of years we have made donations to;

Otakaro Orchard

RAD Bikes

Local community gardens

Also many fundraisers events and smaller community groups.

It's a real pleasure to be able to provide resources to these fantastic groups in our community. If you would like more information about our funding criteria contact  and

click here to see our criteria for funding

Pictured here: Tineke a longstanding member of our staff.

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Phone: 03 366 8116
Phone Office: 03 389 5062

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  • People before profit
  • Environment before Convenience
  • Quality before Quantity