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Newsletter 21 August 2018
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Piko Wholefoods Upcoming events

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Here are some of the inspiring events happening at our store.

Maca Powder

Friday 25th 11am onwards- In store.

Seleno Health show and discuss the health benefits and incredible story behind their Maca Powder range. In the shop you can try for yourself and see how different this product is compared to Raw Maca Powder. Free!

Acai Puree Superfood

Also Friday 25th 5.30pm – upstairs at Piko.

Pablo from Riversea Trading demonstrates super Acai puree.
How to make an Acai bowl, and smoothie as well as the history, processing and culture that Acai comes from. Upstairs in our workshop space you will find this engaging and inspiring! Free!

The Sugar Conundrum Clarified

With Bonnie and certified nutritionist Sally. A workshop on sugars and alternative sweeteners. A must see for anyone who finds all the media coverage on sugar confusing. There will be lots to learn and new foods to try.

September 10th 2pm, September 13th 6pm and Wednesday 27th 6pm.

Upstairs at Piko.
Tickets $25, from the till. Reserve your seat by calling the shop on 3668116.

Gut Health Talk; with The Kefir Company and Be Nourished

October 27th and 29th

Gut issues contribute to a wide range of health problems. If you suffer from digestion issues, constipation, IBS, low energy or chronic fatigue, or have immunity issues, this two-hour gut health talk promises to be a wealth of information and insight. Christchurch event tickets just $10.

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We often have interesting tastings and events happening. If you want to make sure you keep up with what’s happening, you can subscribe to our Facebook page, Piko Wholefoods Co-operative.

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Enjoy the spring weather!
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