Piko Wholefoods Newsletter May 2017

Newsletter 24 May 2018
Hello Visitor,

Hello Autumn

Drink plenty of herbal tea this AutumnThe season has certainly changed to be cooler and darker, but there is something lovely about these calm days with less watering required in the garden. Of course Piko remains the same down-to-earth workers co-operative that has been running steadily since 1979. Our purpose is to provide excellent jobs and supply fresh, ethical, wholesome, local and organic food to you affordably. Don’t forget the benefits that you, by shopping here, and we, by supplying great products, provide to the Christchurch community.

Drink plenty of herbal tea this Autumn

Our profit goes to charities and community groups

Te Whanau Trust, the charitable trust that fully owns Piko Wholefoods, has been giving money to some inspiring community groups. Recently we gave donations to the Port Hills Restoration Project, Otakaro Orchard, ICEcycles, Cultivate Christchurch, Greening the Rubble, Laura’s Dairy Farm Education, City Harvest Food Rescue Canterbury, Ao Tawhiti School and more.
The Port Hills fire had a significant impact upon Christchurch residents especially in light of the traumas of the previous six years. The Port Hills Restoration Project has been put in place by Conservation Volunteers New Zealand. This project is coordinating the Council’s 8 planting days, 10 landholder support days and it is supporting at least 6 planting days with other groups such as Summit Road Society. It is great for us all to be able to look up at our hills and know that however small, we have contributed in some way to the restoration work going on up there. The trust, on our behalf, gave $7000.00 to this project.
You can see more about the groups that have been supported and what they are all up to on our website and our Facebook page. Each group made an application for funding and is aligned with us in purpose and/or ethos.

Being part of the community

As a social enterprise, we believe that our business model is an example of a way forward for new businesses. Social enterprises are organisations that apply commercial strategies (such as running a shop) to enhance community and environmental well-being (such as providing access to wholefoods, community donations and education). Social enterprises can be for-profit or non-profit. They may take the form of a co-operative, a community interest company or a charity organisation. What differentiates social enterprises from more common business models, is that their social mission is key to their success and equally important to covering costs. We look forward to the World Social Enterprise Forum in Christchurch in September this year. This will be a gather point for many kinds of social enterprises all over NZ and the world. To find out more about this event visit www.sewf2017.org.

Muesli donated to a local school for the students

Staff Happenings

We have had a few recent staff changes. Here’s a little blurb to help you get to know what’s happening behind the scenes.
Laura is our newest newbie, and a trained naturopath. She is from Christchurch and has studied at the Pascha centre. She understands a lot about food as medicine, and enjoys answering questions from customers.
Katy is our roller derby shelf stocker extraordinaire. Now part of the co-operative, Katy adds fresh eyes and focus to our co-operative meetings. She comes from America and keeps bees despite her allergy.
Hilary has been smiling and happy at Piko for 9 months. Also an illustrator and doll maker, her wholesome dolls are displayed on the noticeboard and available online at www.khadil.com.
Sally has been in the co-operative now for 15 months, from Australia. As a trained natropath she has constructed an informative and entertaining series of workshops on vegan nutrition. She is also inspiring our staff with her work ethic, style and humour.
Eroica is back from her year long trip in Australia. She reminds us that not that long ago we struggled through freezing winters and sweltering summers at our Stanmore Road shop. Welcome back Eroica.
We still have the same dedicated working culture committed to having a light environmental footprint and high standards of customer service.

Hot Soup season has started.

We are now making daily organic soup for sale by the cup as well as scones or muffins to go with. We have paused creating the Piko Bowls for the moment. The Piko Bowls and breakfast/chia cups were such a success over summer, thanks to all those folks who came in to buy some for their friends. It was great to see people taking the most organic and wholesome prepared lunch back to their workmates.

Upcoming events upstairs at Piko

Keep a look out on our notice board, website and Facebook to see when new workshops and wholefood classes are happening upstairs. If you are interested in any of the yoga classes, see our noticeboard for the direct contact details for each teacher.

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