Piko Wholefoods Newsletter February 2017

Newsletter 18 June 2018
Hello Visitor,

Welcome 2017. Who knows how this interesting year will pan out, but we are looking forward to all the positives to come! We are so pleased that Piko remains the same down-to-earth workers cooperative that has been running since 1979. One of our major purposes is to supply fresh, ethical, wholesome, local and organic food to you affordably. 

Shop news

News in the shop is that we have been reviewing our pricing structure for items in the grocery and produce department. Since we had such a busy 2016 we felt comfortable bringing our prices down, with the greatest reductions for produce. Many people have asked us about a loyalty card for shoppers, but we prefer to keep the most miniscule mark-up possible for everyone while still making sure there is money to donate back to the community at the end of the year. It’s a juggling act and one that Piko has always elegantly balanced since the first days.

Cultivate Christchurch

Cultivate Christchurch is one of the community groups we are thrilled to support with said donations. Their purpose is to bring community and local organic food together in a rich growing environment. They are building structures, gardens and momentum for urban community gardens in Christchurch and attracting international attention for this work. You can see one of the gardens at 156 Peterborough Street. Organically and locally grown food is the way forward for a sustainable food system and Cultivate Christchurch is actively demonstrating how this can happen. Check their Facebook page @CultivateChCh for working-bee times and ways to support this awesome group. 

Upstairs workshop space

Our upstairs workshop space is a hub for education, inspiration, fun and yoga. You will find posters on our community noticeboard space for upcoming events and for class timetables. Yoga classes run Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and some Saturdays. Piko is planning educational and informative workshops throughout the year for vegetarian and plant based lifestyles. The first of these ran in January with Sally and Mallory giving a basics in Nutrition and Eating for Vegans workshop. This was very well received as we see an increasing number of people choosing to eat more plant-based foods. The talk gave an overview of what it takes to get your nutritional requirements in a vegan diet and included a plate of wholesome food as an example of eating well as a vegan. It was delicious! The next Nutrition and Eating for Vegans talk is on the last weekend of February, see our website or Facebook events page for up-to-date information about what’s going on. If you want to purchase a ticket for our events you will need to come in to the shop and pay at the till.

Pacific Harvest will join us in February to dispel myths and controversy around eating seaweed for health. This coincides with a special we are running on the Pacific Harvest range of seaweed products; 15% off the whole range of dried seaweeds, kelp salt and seasonings. Have a look in store at the variety of intriguing sea vegetables. If you don’t know how to use them you can come along to one of the seaweed workshops held on the 24th of February and find all you need to know about cooking and eating these super nourishing vegetables.

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Piko Bowls and Breakfast Cups

picture Have you seen our Piko Bowls and Breakfast Cups? These are macro-nutrient bowls that combine plant-based wholefoods with yumminess. They are hearty meals featuring an ever changing mix of fresh, local, seasonal vegetables over a varied grain base, with a tasty protein component, healthy fats, flavour bomb sauces and plenty of colour and texture to delight your taste buds and leave you satiated and fuelled. Our chefs Elena and Mallory are the force behind designing these nutritional wonders. You should definitely try them for breakfast, lunch or dinner!   Also available are delicious freshly made Piko hummus, gluten free and vegan muffins, along with our tried and true Piko gluten free slice and carob balls.  For a quick, real food, wholefood option made right here in Christchurch with organic ingredients, we have you covered.

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