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Are you a bit confused about mixed messages in media about sugar?

Join us for a nutrition based workshop on the whole sugar conundrum.

Sally will explore how sugar works in the body, its effects and discuss how to identify hidden sugars in the diet. Bonnie will display and discuss alternative sweeteners and how to incorporate them into your everyday cooking. There is much to learn and new foods to try.

Bring your personal experiences of what sweetness is to you, your questions and a note book!


Tickets $25. 

Wednesday 27th 6pm.

Purchase your ticket at the till in-store or call 3668116 to reserve your seat. Please indicate if you are allergic to sesame seeds/nuts or if you are diabetic. Each session covers the same material and is vegan and gluten free.

We trust you will find new ways to use sweeteners in your diet that fits within a whole foods plant based lifestyle

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